Energy dispersion format

The format to store full-enclosure energy dispersion (see Energy Dispersion) is the following:


The energy dispersion information is saved as a BINTABLE HDU with the following required columns.


  • ENERG_LO, ENERG_HI – ndim: 1, unit: TeV
    • True energy axis
  • MIGRA_LO, MIGRA_HI – ndim: 1, unit: dimensionless
    • Energy migration axis (defined above)
  • THETA_LO, THETA_HI – ndim: 1, unit: deg
  • MATRIX – ndim: 3, unit: dimensionless

Recommended axis order: ENERGY, MIGRA, THETA

Header keywords:

As explained in HDU classes, the following header keyword should be used to declare the type of HDU:

Example data file: TODO